Our Apps

pip-iconOur newest App

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Pip and Wuf, a children’s story for the iPad. Written and illustrated by the wonderful and amazing Megan Ewing, the story features a 7 year-old boy Pip and his dog Wuf. The app is awaiting approval in the iTunes store. In the meantime, you can follow Pip and Wuf on Facebook!

Our focus is on developing iPhone and iPad apps that offer the user a useful tool in a fun way.

logoOther apps

Toronto Island Ferry Finder incorporates a hybrid design containing dynamic data for a seasonally changing schedule, which communicates with the app through a CMS (Content Management System), Location services including My Location, Route mapping, and Social media sharing, as well as integrated web sites for ongoing ease of information updates. Follow the Ferry Finder on Facebook or Twitter.

Toronto PostcardsToronto Postcards uses a framework developed by Vector Bloom. We adapted it to include images of Toronto that the user can customize through written messages. The postcards can be either saved to the Photos in the iPhone or iPad or shared with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Whistler Postcards


 Whistler Postcards is our follow-up to the Toronto Postcards app. All the images in it were either taken by Sandra Wood, Allyson Woodrooffe or  Ian Glen.

We are happy to solicit images for the Postcard apps  – if you’re interested send us yours!